Thursday, August 22, 2013

First 5 Grey Knights

Finally finished the first 5 of my Grey Knights. I like the scheme so far so I'm gonna stick with it.

First picture of all five. Zoomed out to see the tabletop view.

Front view of the Justicar...

 Side of Justicar

Close up of the force weapon. I followed a similar pattern with all of the other force weapons.

First 5 down. 15 more to go...more updates to follow

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's been forever since I last posted but seeing as I will have more time on my hands I have decided to get back into 40k. I figured the best way to do that is to get some new models and try some new painting techniques to push my abilities. I picked up these Grey Knights a while back but had yet to but any paint on to them until recently. As far as the scheme goes, I'm not a huge fan of the silvery blue knights so I went for a 'darker' scheme focusing on flat grays and reds. Also seeing as its a new army I had to decide on what to do about basing. I really dislike the typical basing process and I have never really created basing that I was satisfied with so I went for something a little out of the box....lava.

So the Vindicare was my first attempt with both the lava base and my new scheme. Overall I think the lava is decent, it stands out from the mostly gray models which is what I intended. Now moving on to the Knights...

So here is the scheme...with the first Knight wielding the thunder hammer. I went for a different method for the thunder hammer than my typical 'power' weapons. The idea was again, to make the feature stand out from the rest of the model.

Finally, the psycannon knight....So there it is the first three models of this new force. I still have 17 more Knights to be painted as well as my HQ. Eventually I will get around to painting some rhinos for these guys so they can roll into battle. I'm looking to finish painting the models I have before I begin to expand my list with more units. That's it for now...more updates hopefully to follow.